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The Mid-Atlantic Beef Classic (SEPBC) Committee has adopted a Code of Show Ring Ethics based on those developed by Pennsylvania Farm Products Show Commission, to prevent unethical, deceptive and fraudulent show ring practices.


  1. Exhibitors must present, upon request of show officials, proof of ownership, length of ownership, and age of all animals entered (e.g. registration papers). Misrepresentation of ownership or any fact relating thereto is prohibited.

  2. Exhibitors shall provide animal health certificates from a licensed veterinarian upon request by show officials.

  3. Exhibitors are expected to care for and groom their own animals while at the show.

  4. The act of entering an animal in the show is the giving of consent by the Exhibitor (absolutely responsible person) for the show management to obtain any specimens of urine, saliva, blood, or other substances from the animal to be used in testing. Animals entered in an event shall not be administered drugs (other than in accordance with applicable federal and state statutes, regulations and rules) affecting the animal's performance or appearance at the event. If the laboratory report on the chemical analysis of samples taken from livestock indicates the presence of forbidden drugs or medication, this shall be prima facie evidence that such substance had been administered to the animal either internally or externally. It is presumed that the sample substance tested by the laboratory to which it is sent is the one taken from the animal in question, its integrity is preserved, and in all procedures of said collection and preservation, transfer to the laboratory, and analysis of the sample, correctly reflects the condition of the animal at the time the sample was taken, with the burden on the absolutely responsible person to prove otherwise at any hearing in regard to the matter conducted by the show. At any time after an animal arrives on the SEPBC premises, all treatments involving the use of drugs and/or medications shall be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

  5. Any non-traditional surgical procedure or injection of any foreign substance or drug or the external application of any substance (irritant, counterirritant, or similar substance) which could affect the animal's performance or later its natural contour, conformation, or appearance, except for surgical procedures performed by a duly licensed veterinarian for the sole purpose of protecting the health of the animal, is prohibited.

  6. The use of showing and/or handling practices or devices such as striking animals to cause swelling, using electrical contrivance, or other similar practices are not acceptable and are prohibited.

  7. Direct interference with the judge, show management, other exhibitors, breed representatives, or show officials before, during, or after a competitive event is prohibited. In the furtherance of their official duty, all judges, show management, or other show officials shall be treated with courtesy, cooperating, and respect and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct toward them.

  8. No Exhibitor shall conspire with another person or persons to intentionally violate this Code of Ethics or knowing contribute or cooperate with another person or persons either by affirmative action or inaction to violate this Code of Ethics.

  9. The application of this Code of Ethics provides for absolute responsibility for an animal's condition by Exhibitor, whether or not he or she was actually instrumental in or had knowledge of the treatment of the animal in contravention of this Code of Ethics.

  10. The act of entering an animal in this show is the giving or consent by the Exhibitor to have any disciplinary action taken by the show against such individuals published in any publication of the International Association of Fairs and Expositions including appropriate industry publications and any special notices to members.

  11. The act of entering an animal in the show is the giving of verification by the Exhibitor that he or she has read the Code of Show Ring Ethics and understands that consequences of and penalties provided for actions prohibited by the Code. It is further a consent that any action which contravenes these rules is also in violation of federal and state statures, regulations, or rules and may be released to appropriate law enforcement authorities with jurisdiction over such infractions.

  12. Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited on the SEPBC premises.

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